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Welcome to Kailua Spine Center

Our Doctors

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Mary Adey, DC


Hi! I am Dr. Mary Adey, Chiropractor at Kailua Spine Center. I was born and raised in Minnesota and as a college athlete I quickly realized the importance of health and taking care of yourself. After receiving my undergraduate degree, I pursued my passion of health and wellness receiving my Doctor of Chiropractic at Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2014.

I am passionate about treating active families and as a Webster certified chiropractor I have a special interest in women's health and love working with pregnant mommas helping them through all stages of pregnancy!

In my free time you will find me on the beach, running and spending time with my family enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer!

I look forward to helping you wherever you are on your health and wellness journey at Kailua Spine Center! 

Our Doctors
Dr. Sara Pohjola, DC


Early Life and Inspiration

Dr. Sara Pohjola hails from the northern Minnesota. Her early years were marked by a battle with asthma, a condition that had her relying on numerous medications daily. Despite these efforts, her health issues persisted. It wasn’t until a chiropractor suggested examining her spine for potential issues that a new path opened for her. Although skeptical at first, the lack of other options led her to give chiropractic care a try. Remarkably, within six months of treatment, Dr. Sara was free from her medications. This transformative experience ignited a passion within her, leading her father to suggest she pursue a career in chiropractic to help others find similar relief.


Education and Career

Embracing this newfound purpose, Dr. Sara enrolled at Parker University in Dallas, Texas, where she earned her chiropractic degree. Her education equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to embark on a career dedicated to improving the lives of her patients through holistic and non-invasive treatments.


Passion for Chiropractic Care

Dr. Sara's practice is inclusive, catering to a diverse range of demographics, but she finds particular fulfillment in working with families, especially women and children. Prenatal and postnatal care are her forte, driven by her fascination with the significant changes a woman’s spine undergoes during pregnancy and after childbirth. Dr. Sara’s knowledgeable and compassionate approach ensures that mothers receive the specific care they need during these transformative times, adding profound purpose to her work.


Community Impact and Philosophy

Dr. Sara often envisions a community where every mother is pain-free, contemplating the positive ripple effects this would have on Kailua. She is inspired by the words of B. J. Palmer, the developer of chiropractic: “We never know how far reaching something we may think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” This philosophy underscores her approach to care, emphasizing the long-term benefits of chiropractic treatment on individual and community well-being. Dr. Sara’s love for the outdoors and warm weather made Hawaii the perfect place to call home. Since 2018, she has been living on Oahu, integrating herself into the local community and establishing a practice that reflects her deep commitment to health and wellness.

Personal Touch

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Sara is known for her personalized approach to chiropractic care. She eagerly looks forward to meeting new patients, regardless of where they are on their health journeys. Her goal is to help everyone discover the potential benefits of chiropractic care, improving their quality of life through her dedicated practice.

Our Doctors

Massage Therapy

Massage Table
Massage Table
Kimberly Harte, LMT
Massage Therapist

Kimberly was passionate about massage and healing as a child, but initially pursued a Bachelor of Music Performance degree, which she believes is the foundation for her unique connection to the music noted by clients during their massages. 

After experiencing the power of massage during the powerful birth of her first child in 2012, Kimberly set out to learn the craft for herself at Hawaii Healing Arts College where she graduated in 2014. Her main foundation is Swedish massage but also specializes in deep tissue, prenatal, geriatric, medical reiki and lymphatic drainage. 

During her time as a massage therapist, Kimberly has overseen students during their internships, managed the clinic at Hawaii Healing Arts College, and has also practiced as a doula and massaged clients from pregnancy, during childbirth and beyond! 

No matter what a clients' walk of life is, Kimberly's philosophy is that everyone shows up on her table for a reason; She has something to offer you in order to leave you better than you came in and will help ease your unique journey!

Chiropractic care for ALL

Prenatal Care

Family Care

Keiki Care

Sports Care

What we do

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a natural non-invasive approach to health care that involves the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical and musculoskeletal disorders of the spine. It can help people get out of pain and stay out of pain through all stages of life.  

Spinal adjustments help to alleviate a wide variety of common complaints throughout the body. These complaints include:

                Neck, upper back, low back pain

                Chronic back pain

                Chronic stiffness

                Headaches and migraines

                Muscle strains and sprains

                Disc herniation or disc bulge

                Numbness and tingling 


                Extremity pain (wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, etc.)

                AND MORE!



Family Chiropractic- Family chiropractic services takes an individualized approach to chiropractic care to keep you maintain an active lifestyle while helping you get well and stay well. 

Pregnancy and postpartum Chiropractic- Most expecting moms experience back, sciatic, groin and/or neck pain at some point throughout their pregnancy. This is due to all the physical changes your body goes through during this crucial time. Maintaining proper pelvic alignment allows for the baby to have optimal room to grow and develop. Chiropractic care can help manage those symptoms through a specialized technique and is highly recommended throughout your prenatal journey!

Sports Chiropractic- The focus is on different techniques to decrease stress on the body while increasing flexibility and mobility. This results in faster healing time and decreasing injury prone athletes.      


Keiki (Pediatric) chiropractic- Keiki chiropractic is a gentle, safe and effective form of chiropractic care that focuses on the needs of the child to help alleviate spinal subluxations leading to common childhood complaints including colic, digestive issues bed wetting, ear infections, etc. 

Chiropractic Adjustments differ from patient to patient depending on the age and the issue that presents itself! I look forward to meeting you and your family and cannot wait to help you on your health and wellness journey! Get well and stay well at KSC!

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